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ゲストハウス錺屋 お部屋の写真Deluxe room

Capacity: 2-4 persons
Price: 9,500yen/room (tax included)
ゲストハウス錺屋 お部屋の写真Triple room

Capacity: 2-3 persons
Price: 8,500yen/room (tax included)

ゲストハウス錺屋 お部屋の写真Twin room

Capacity: 2 persons
Price: 7,500yen/room (tax included)
ゲストハウス錺屋 お部屋の写真Double room

Capacity: 2 persons
Price: 6,500yen/room (tax included)
ゲストハウス錺屋 お部屋の写真Female dormitory room
Capacity: 4 persons
Price: 2,800yen/person (tax included)

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